Star and Stripe: Grand Opening! 
Author: M.J.Offen
Published: Pixel+Ink (1 Mar. 2022)
Since they were calves, Star and Stripe have dreamed of running their own restaurant. They love their mama's grassburgers and want to share them with the world, or at least the citizens of Critter City.

But agreeing on a plan for the restaurant? That’s the hard part. Star wants it to be a fancy downtown restaurant. Stripe wants it to be a casual place on the beach. Butting heads, they crash into the perfect solution—a food truck!

There are so many decisions to make with their new business—how to decorate the truck, where to park it, when to open—but with Stripe at the grill and Star reeling in customers, the brother and sister realize that when they hold hooves and work together, great things happen!
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